“A Simple Solution To A Common Problem”

Pets and pet care have always been important to our family. Growing up in a pet loving home taught me and my brothers how to care for and pamper our furry family members.  Our parents always ensured our pets also had everything and anything they ever needed. When I married and started a family of my own, I was fortunate enough to find a husband who also grew up with a great love for animals and could share in my life’s passion.

My little Pomski, Luna, was the inspiration for The Duty Mitt. She loves to be outdoors digging and exploring – often tracking dirt and mud into the house. Her husky-like fur becomes embedded with dirt and grime. It was not easy to keep her coat clean and bathing her frequently was time consuming and stressful since she despised baths. That is when I had my “aha” moment. I knew what I needed, but it did not exist! I committed to design and manufacture something non-toxic that could clean her paws and body quickly and effectively. I invented the Duty Mitt, a simple solution to a common, everyday problem.

The Duty Mitt is versatile; not only does it clean and condition, but it’s convenient, slim packaging allows easy use on the go and can slip into a pocket or purse. It’s a perfect solution for all types of pets: dogs, cats, bunnies, guinea pigs, birds, horses, turtles – any pet you love!

Pair with the Duty Mitt Clean Up Bags and you are ready for all kinds of adventures and outdoor pet fun. What makes the bags so unique, is the exterior, protective paper barrier that allows you to pick up waste discretely; the absorbent paper also helps wick away any liquids. Pull the plastic over the paper and it becomes an easily, disposed of bag. The paper can be flushed, and the plastic bag is recyclable.

From my pet-loving home to yours, enjoy the Duty Mitt and Clean Up bags. Let your pets have fun and get dirty – now it’s easy to clean up!

Stephanie Kyriakides Haedo
Founder of the Duty Mitt

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